Carnival Birthday Party -2010

This birthday was done and hosted by my sis in her house for her daughter and my girl 2 years ago (again, a very late posting). The girls are only 3 weeks apart and they are inseparable; they are in same school, class, and tuition. I just gave birth to #2 so I didn't really helped around for this party.
Will post up our children's party in 2011 and this years soon :)

The invitation designed by my sis
Decor. Tables, chairs, covers and balloons coordinated with Dreamflavors.
Dessert table. Pinwheels was a great idea by my sis. Cake was by Cupcake Moment. My sis prepared drawing paper as the table mat and crayons on cups for the children to doodle. That's my girl there who was practicing her lines.
Ordered Children lunch boxes from Obento
Goodie bag - travel sling bag and a passport cover all custom designed for each child by MasterWorks.

Manye (Full Month) Hamper

This is part of 2011 images that finally I get to post them up on this blog now.
From a lovely lady and friend - Cupcake Moment

A cupcake tote bag
Look at the cuties! 2 rabbits (for year of rabbit)

More goodies inside...

Jars of cookies and sweets, scented candle, and cupcake

Gotta Snap a close-up pic before my kid snatch it up


Tinkerbell Castle Cake & Mickey Mouse Cake

Sketches of the cake
Batter almost overflowed. White Cake flavor
Cling wrap each cake layer
Foiling all the cling-wrapped cake layers before freezing
Defrosted in room temperature and iced in Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Smoothing the Fondant and made last minute design changes
Silly me! Tried to put the yellow tier before the heavy white tier and the white tier nearly drown the yellow tier. Had to scrapped them and put the yellow on top. Thus, the unsightly white tier corners and since the yellow tier fondant's top had been skinned off, I had to add a fake layer and unsuccessfully smooth down the edges.
So far alright for J's cake
I gotta rest after tinkering with the cakes for 1 whole night
Using Wilton's Castle Kit
Some of the fondant balls kept rolling off...


What to Wear to Events When You Are Pregnant

Don't have to wear black when you are pregnant. Rejoice and flaunt your fabulous tummy! Unless of course if you are conservative, have skin problems (my case for both #1 and #2), or like some of us who don't have svelte or toned arms, by all means- throw on a cardigan to cover up.

Maybe it was my third pregnancy that I don't want to look frumpy and wear those boring pregnant dresses like in previous pregnancies. I want to look good and feel great even in my third trimester. Here's some fancy day looks that bring forth best of Spring/Summer 2012 for pregger ladies who wants to look pretty during events.

Olian long jersey dress
Hatch the Gown
DVF Zarita dress as worn on Kourtney Kardasian

 For glitzy look for evening events,
DVF Penelope embellished dress
For some other basic looks, I also post up a review on Trifle Thoughts


In late 2010, my sister and I hosted my cousin's bridal shower in Hotel Mulia Orient 8's private room. It was a small intimate affair.

Informal gift table area
Guests dress code - Jewel

Bride-to-be gown custom made by Eddy Betty

My little girl, with Ipad to entertain her before the dinner start and she had to go back home

Naughty gifts from friends
Words of Wisdom from married and single friends

A Korean 1Year Old Birthday

This was my niece's birthday in Seoul and it took place in 2010 December. The Koreans celebrate their 1 year old birthdays festively and my niece's birthday was done elegantly in hotel ballroom with close family friends and relatives. We had sit down dinner and it proceeded with the career picking items before my brother-in-law, his wife and baby, cut the cake.

Reception table

Baby pictures on the reception table

Goody bags for guests to take home after the event
Proud parents
Birthday cake and sweets

A tray for the baby to choose before cutting the cake.

The item she picks will determine what career path she will be in during adulthood. The items placed (clockwise) banker, designer, cook, teacher, lawyer, or doctor.

Traditional rice cakes for guests

Decorative cupcakes

Hello To Baby #3

How time flies! I decided to blog again since now I just gave birth and doing my confinement period at home. My initial plan was just to blog on baby product reviews on my other blog but since I will be doing Manyue gifting again for baby #3, I decide to do some posting too :)