What to Wear to Events When You Are Pregnant

Don't have to wear black when you are pregnant. Rejoice and flaunt your fabulous tummy! Unless of course if you are conservative, have skin problems (my case for both #1 and #2), or like some of us who don't have svelte or toned arms, by all means- throw on a cardigan to cover up.

Maybe it was my third pregnancy that I don't want to look frumpy and wear those boring pregnant dresses like in previous pregnancies. I want to look good and feel great even in my third trimester. Here's some fancy day looks that bring forth best of Spring/Summer 2012 for pregger ladies who wants to look pretty during events.

Olian long jersey dress
Hatch the Gown
DVF Zarita dress as worn on Kourtney Kardasian

 For glitzy look for evening events,
DVF Penelope embellished dress
For some other basic looks, I also post up a review on Trifle Thoughts

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