Bohemian Glasses

I'm beginning to think I should own a set of bohemian glasses. They add some character for table setting.

Buy it now at $95 + $30 shipping at Ebay


Dolce Design

I came to know Dolce Design from Glamour This Love links.

I just love how the designer uses the crystal balls to set up the mood. I adore anything that blings.

I googled rhinestone buttons and found some wholesalers that sell per 24pcs lot (good for smaller group of invitations).
Rhinestone Jewelry has nice assortment of buttons.
KV Jewels has some cute color butterflies and flowers.

For those who has tons of invitations to send out to, visit Alibaba as the min quantity tends to be 500-1000pcs.

image taken from Dolce Design


Social Culture

Social Culture, is an online party store with themes that come as a set similar to Hostess Mostess, so we all can party without all the fuss of finding other resources.

images from social culture

Jewelled Cake by Carmen Tarry

Simple cakes looks good too especially with some crystals and of course, big blooms (sugar or fresh- your choice).

images from Carmen Tarry via Bridal Wave


Custom Maps For Invitation

I have always came across seeing Couture Map from reading other blogs and I keep thinking that its nice to caricature maps for wedding or any social invitations instead of boring grid maps.

For a more economic alternative that I found reading Wedding Bee's Blog comments is from designer Victoria $50 (only design, no printing) for the map design compared to $400. Couture or pocket-friendly?

A mid-range is Laura Hoopers Calligraphy, she does calligraphy and also map illustrations. Her fees are quite confusing. I think its $185 + design fee of $50.

left image via Couture Map., Laura Hoopers Calligraphy, and
Victoria Case Design


Paper Moxie

Newest find for invitation designer. Visit Paper Moxie to view more deigns.

Haute Couture Bachelorette

Great posh invitation for bachelorette party. $2.50/ea from Wiley Valentine selling at Note Polish


Mood Board - Modern Princess

Dress: Vera Wang Luxe Collection
Jewelry: Graff Diamonds.
Veil : Tulle-and-silk art nouveau veil $4,800 from Lynn Kiracofe for Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier from Instyle Weddings.
Cake: Gold icing cake from Confetti Cakes
Invitation: Red Bliss
Favors: Enamel bird jewelry box aprox $5.50 from Rorocraft Alibaba


Farewell Faye & Greer

I was so sad when I read the last posting of my favorite blog- Faye and Greer dated 15th Oct. They have been truly inspirational with all their lovely postings.

Shown left is one of their pretty assemble of mood boards.

Farewell to Faye & Greer. I'm sure all their readers will miss them.

Elie Saab Evening Dresses

One of my most favorite designers- Elie Saab, always make beautiful dresses, dresses some of the most beautiful women in the world and never has a disappointing show. There's always that 'Wow' dresses.
What's great about Elie Saab dresses is that there are so much opulence but never too much, there's certain classiness in all the dresses.


Pretty Pretty Paper

I love Anna Bella Fine Stationery's calligraphy, the pink color, and those curvies.

Image from Anna Bella

Staged Korean Wedding

There is a daily live exhibition on the process of Korean Traditional Wedding Ceremony in October in Insadong, Seoul, and I didn't know until today when I walked by.

It started with the matchmaker- she informed the girl's family of a potential groom. When the family nodded in approval for such a matchmake, the matchmaker was tasked to get agreement from the groom's family. She had to convince the groom's family of the goodness of the bride and bride's family. After exchanging birth dates between the two families, it was a done deal. Both families considered each other worth-while and auspicious. Gifts then were given to bride's family.

Hham (traditional wedding box that contains new clothing for the new couple) was brought to the bride's family by the messengers. The matchmaker has to 'steal' the Hham to bring into the bride's family. After losing to the main messenger's arm strength from trying to wring the Hham from him, she has to use formality of serving the messengers food (traditional crackers and sweets) and wine. Once unnoticed, she tried to take the Hham from the oblivious messengers. All this was somewhat supposed to be fun, in a traditional way, so all ends well and the Hham is delivered into the house.
On the day of the wedding, they picked noon time as it was said to be most auspicious time in the day (when yin and yang are balanced), the groom comes to bride's family for the ceremony.His face was shielded from a cloth for modesty when walking into the bride's residence. He had to bring a duck to the bride's family as ducks meant fidelity and sworn into taking care of the bride. Before seeing the brides face (she was still veiled), the couple was led to wash the hands to purify each other and then led to be put to face each other, separated by the ceremonial table. Only here, when being fed food and drinks that the bride's veil was taken off. It takes more steps before the couple are seated together.


Invitation Peony Rubber Stamp

I've been trying to find and purchase Peony rubber stamps, especially after seeing these images. If anyone know where to get one, please do drop me note.

images via weddingbee and blissweddingmarket

Dolled Up Invitation

I love this idea of putting the invitation into the russian dolls.
This luxe wedding invitation is by Ceci New York
There's message in bottle, and now message in dolls.

I don't know if you know anything about message in cakes. There's a story on how Han Chinese used mooncakes as a form of transferring secret messages in the ancient past.


Guestbook Idea DIY

Faye and Greer blog had posted about this guestbook idea and I think its just great! I'm planning to do this guestbook for my sister's bridal shower.
I have to admit that I'm no DIYer but I only pick easiest DIY ones and this is a pretty project to do.

image source via Bride

Gold Wine

Ah.. the beauty of gold. I wonder how gold taste like (not in the metal form). This 24k gold wine (though flecks they are in the wine) is produced by Hundred Acre.

Also to make the wine more interesting is the story starting with a legend: "In the ancient world, rulers of Kingdoms long lost and some still part of current memory made wine and mined gold. Their armies fought to keep it and ranged over the earth to obtain it."

How much to taste this dosage of gold? A mere $20-$ a bottle. Sweet!

image via Vintage Point

Large Oversize Paper Flowers Centerpiece

As much as I love fresh flowers, they don't last long. I often find is a waste after parties, seeing all the dying flowers days later.

I have spotted and saved these pictures for quite some time now. I think its ingenious to use this decoration for its uniqueness and I can use it over again and again. Plus, its quite affordable.

I tried looking where to purchase and found a source at Flora Bunda. If anyone know where else, please let me know:)

image source Bride


Beautiful Inspirational Table Settings

I love love Grace Ormonde Wedding Magazine! They absolutely have some of the most exquisite table setting pictures. And what's great is that its in English (US magazine) but what's not great is that its not easy to purchase outside of US. We always have to ask our friends who's visiting US to purchase us a copy.

Opulent. Unique. Love to be a seated guest.

Pretty assembly of balled floral arrangement

Branches are pretty too. Cheaper?

Going high on the arrangements.

all images via Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine

Cakes n Co.

I have written a post on them before under cupcakes but while posting Instyle 25 great cakes, we have a good cake company in Jakarta worth noticing.

Baker Lea started Cakes n Co as a hobby from making cupcakes to now a good business.

It used to be only Jakarta insiders' knowledge, but the brand has grown, and is now one of the sought-after cakes to buy as gifts during holiday seasons.

I think they only ships locally...
image via cakes n co

Sugar Spun Cake

My favorite cake and choice for my own wedding cake. Unfortunately, the technology of sugar-spun is yet too advanced in Jakarta.

image via Payard

Longing For

I'm looking for a nice silhouette long dress for my sister's wedding in Jan and it has to be pink color, chiffon material and most importantly, non body-fitting (considering the extra pounds due to negligent eating after my wedding).
My picks are from Spring08 show of Monique Lhuiller, Marchesa, Giambattista Valli, and Elie Saab.

Another favorite is from Spring 07 Peter Som's collection, shown lower, a baby-doll long dress thats worn on a socialite in red.

images via style.com


Beyond Invite Couture Invitation

I just received mail in my inbox for the newly launched of Beyond Invite.

Months before, the site was under construction so finally, I get to see the beautiful card at a whole as I have been wondering how the invite looks like.

Hopefully, they will post more card creations.


White Lilac Inc

I came across White Lilac Inc from reading Oh Happy Blog and love what I see. I'm already getting some inspirations for throwing my sister's bridal shower! If anyone knows any fun games or any interesting things to do for bridal shower events, please let me know.

Citrus Fresh Table Setting

found featured in Instyle
wedding Fall07 and Inside Wedding Fall07

White Elegant Table Setting

found featured in 25ans Wedding Spring06

Red Sultry Table Setting

found featured in 25ans Wedding Fall 06