Trying on Fondant Decoration

Fondant tiered cake filled with hand-sculpted fondant roses (learnt from Cakingcrazy on youtube).

Yummy Devil's Food cupcake! Topped off with iced hydrangea and fondant leaves.

Mini chocolate cupcakes, matcha frosting and topped off with fondant roses (silicone mould)

3rd Fondant cake. No tools needed- I used different lids, round cookie cutters, and toothpick to frill the edges of the cut-out fondant.

2nd try on fondant decoration. Used rose fondant tools to make the roses. My sister made the flower fairies; we you-tubed to learn the how-tos.

My first fondant cake

Fantastic Manyue Gift - A Dollhouse!

How lovely! I was excited when I saw the dollhouse- you can peek inside the windows or open the door or simply take the rooftop off and see whats inside.
Voila! A cute pink tiger, since it is the year of tiger, reading a book, and sitting on top a can. Its even more impressive inside - some delicious, quality, Japanese cakes!

Back Blogging

Its been awhile since I last posted any posts. Personal and work life caught up and bringing up a toddler takes up time.

Will try to post up party pics since Baby J will be celebrating her birthday soon! My sister and I have been busy baking and while she was trying out different techniques in baking, I'm trying out my hands on decoration. Hopefully withing these 2 months, we can whip up birthday cakes for our girls.