Kupu Kipas

How lovely are these fans? I found their booth in WIC (Women International club) charity event, my mom, sis, and me literally ransacked their booth and bought some fans for ourselves. Jakarta is really hot, even though we are hardly outdoors, the fans serve the purpose to block bad UV rays and of course, fan to cool the heat.
The fans come in few sizes, and they range from - embellished with crystals, embellished with lace, hand-painted, ornate silver and gems on the wood frame, and all of the fans comes with silk tassels. Even better is the packaging, the fans have their own fan bag. For the pricier ones, come with hard gift box.
Price? Fantastic enough to make a great wedding/party favor or even as invitation.

Again by attending exhibitions such as WIC, I'm so proud and happy that many local designers are becoming very creative and original!

image source- Kyona at Kupu Kipas

Cowboy Theme Birthday Party

How cute is this invitation? Its a tin can with nuts inside and comes with a straw hat cap.
Baby Benjie is cute and so is the theme of the party. Activities consisted of hat decor, bag painting, and tattoo glitters.

Halloween Party

We were invited for Halloween party at my friend's sister house and we came underdressed. The SMS invitation stated 'costume required' and we party-blooped into the house with normal clothes. They didn't use any EO and they did all the decor themselves, which reminds me that I should get their vendors and share with you guys ;)
There's a children corner with table of fun stuff for them to play with, and a section of story telling space. It was all spooky fun but Baby J was too tired to socialize so we had to excuse ourselves early.

Farm Theme Birthday



Hi! Its been awhile since I posted any blogs.

First was due to my crazy 12 flights in September, then I was engrossed with my newly acquired Kindle, which from the amount of books I purchased with Amazon, should convince them to extend their newly touted 100 International countries Kindle to cover at least Singapore if Indonesia is deemed to be a small market. Then I have been busy sending my 15mth baby to playgroup.

On the pic are my 2 lovely sisters, posing next to the luggages, while queuing for check-in. Yep, that's all ours. 4cities in China, 10 adults, 4 nannies, 3 toddler and 3 babies, makes about 18 luggages...