Carnival Birthday Party -2010

This birthday was done and hosted by my sis in her house for her daughter and my girl 2 years ago (again, a very late posting). The girls are only 3 weeks apart and they are inseparable; they are in same school, class, and tuition. I just gave birth to #2 so I didn't really helped around for this party.
Will post up our children's party in 2011 and this years soon :)

The invitation designed by my sis
Decor. Tables, chairs, covers and balloons coordinated with Dreamflavors.
Dessert table. Pinwheels was a great idea by my sis. Cake was by Cupcake Moment. My sis prepared drawing paper as the table mat and crayons on cups for the children to doodle. That's my girl there who was practicing her lines.
Ordered Children lunch boxes from Obento
Goodie bag - travel sling bag and a passport cover all custom designed for each child by MasterWorks.

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