Baby G's Man Yue Cake

The Box

Cute fondant mini cakes.

In lower drawer of the cake.

I love my niece's Manyue cake. In fact, I still kept it and displayed in my library shelf. Its so pretty don't you think?

Baby Man Yue Cake

I have always rave about how much I love crystals and after searching on flickr and other cake sites, I finally found one I love. It has to look luxe and somewhat affordable as I had to make 100 over cakes to send out to relatives and close friends.

Cake inspiration from Estilo Weddings.

Once I had delivered Baby J, I contacted several bakery specialist for quotation and settled with Pasadena Cakes. They were very helpful and made the crystal monogram using wire and glue.

Finding the crystals and butterflies took sometime but by chance, I came up with some suppliers in Indonetwork. I cant possible afford hundreds of real crystal to form the monogram and flowers so I searched for arcylic ones. It was cheap for 144pcs considering at $1 :D
The butterflies came late so we didn't put butterflies on the cake. Otherwise everything else look simply wonderful.

Here's the sample cake by Pasadena and I love it! I was very pleased with the outcome. It came with mica box and pink ribbons. Sweet!


Luxe Wedding Invitation

It was touted as Wedding of the Year and judging from the ultra luxe invitation, it mostly topped off other wedding invitation. I was too heavy in my pregnancy to attend the wedding so I could not be fair it was the most lavish wedding party or not.

Nonetheless, the humble cardbox envelope contained another box- debossed floral print velvet box, satin ribbons and the crystal brooch.

Within the box, contain heavy cotton textured invitation cards. Beautiful really.

Baby Shower

We threw ourselves baby showers- me for my sis and my sis for me. My sister-in-law offered but she was busy with her upcoming baby (we all are having babies at almost 1 month difference!). Our good friend also offered but having 1 toddler and 1 small baby in tow, she was also busy.

Nonetheless, we were more than happy to use our creative juices for our own baby shower. I took out my crafts stuff from my sister's wedding shower (which was early 2008 and she's preggers within same year!) and we started to whip out decorations and favors.

We both like Martha Stewart's pom2s, so we became this little elves (umm large elves with huge tummies) factory teamwork - I cut, my sis fold and tie up the pretty pom2s. We did large, medium and little pom2s in 2 days.

Then my brother-in-law enthusiastically strung and hung the pom2s from the stairs handle on 2nd floor so it dropped looking like hanging on the ceiling.

Then we packed the favors using leftover papers to wrap the favors, velvet bound photo album.


Boring Mommy

Hullo bloggers! Sorry for the lack of postings... After becoming a mommy, my life revolved on the little one and flashing cards to her.

Will try to update more often :)