My Glamorous Bachelorette Party

My sister, threw me the most wonderful and refreshing bachelorette party. I wouldn't say it was a bridal shower, with all the 'poison' they made me drink even though I won some games? C'mon.

She concoted the theme with the inspiration from the jigsaw puzzle she saw in my room, which I had made and framed. The same one I believe she gave me as a brithday gift years ago...

Our family works best when we do things last minute, so my sister organize the crew, consisting my sister-in-laws and bridesmaids to be teamed in pairs and they all have their roles and responsibilities.

They had to do the games, catering, organize the event, invitations, contact and host guests, rent hats, etc.

The crew rented and brought an assortment of hats for the guests. For the bride-to-be, I was honored with the biggest hat, the traditional chinese opera head gear.

To my utter glee, my bridesmaids weren't spared; they had to wear Qing Dynasty-styled ladies
headwear. So they were called my concubines for the night.
We were also given aprons that were embroidered to distinguish the bride, crew members and the plain ones were the guests.
Games- Dress players in toilet-paper to make into costume; Passing the pole; Smell and determine the ingredients in the shot glasses.

As much as I had so much fun, it was also the night I sworn that I would not drink to that drunken state.

Photography - Journey
Puzzle Image source - Tom Du Bois from Amazon


Mad Hatter's Bridal Shower

Theme: Mad Hatter's

PartyVenue: The Balcony, Jakarta

The Bride: Lingz

The Crew: Linaz, Agnez, Mocci, Ellenz, Amelz, Sherly.

# of crazy hatters: 40 people

Thank you all for making this a happening one ^^ !!!


Invitation: Watermark

Photographer: Journey

Edibles: Catering from Mahakam Hotel

Poisons: Courtesy of The Balcony

Mementos: A bottle of champange


All Alice images are courtesy of Lenny's Alice in the Wonderland

I wanted to throw an unforgettable party for the then bride to be, Lingz. Knowing her personality, she doesn't want anything that is too wild or too preppy, in other words a hybrid of bridal shower and bachelorette party. So I decided on a theme party instead~ Mad Hatter's Party from Alice in the Wonderland.

To make the party, we wanted to involve something from Alice and the lalaland. So a few things came up, the apron that Alice wore, the red roses from the garden, the hats from the mad hatter party, the hookah from the caterpillar, potion bottle with attached message and of course the unforgettable rabbit and the Cheshire cat.

We wanted to send a surprise in an invitation for all the close girlfriends of the bride. We sent out aprons with message slip detailing the event tucked inside the apron's pocket. All aprons were embroidered with the guests name and we made a special red apron just for the bride. Of course, I also had a set of aprons for the people behind this event with "The Crew" embroidered on them. The aprons were folded inside a beautiful box packaging designed and printed by the talented designer from Watermark.

The venue was perfect! We picked The Balcony because it is a beautifully decorated chic hangout place that didn't require us to spend much decor on the place, except accenting the place with red roses. The place comes with a private bar that allows us to have our own bartender and a personal house DJ. How cool is that?? Beverages were in house and foods were catered from Mahakam Hotel. Highlight of the day, dessert (at least that’s for me) we had beautiful cupcakes from Mulia Hotel bakery. They are just heavenly...nyammmm.

As for the rest of Alice in the Wonderland’s touches. I had a few images that I downloaded from Alice's site to create and print: the memento tags, the invitation slips that I tucked inside all aprons, and message cards for guests to write their best wishes for the bride. And I had a huge cut out image board of the rabbit! I can't leave out the rabbit...

For the hookah, I was recommended through a friend to a turkish restaurant, Anatolia, that rent and sell hookah and shishas. I ended up buying 2 pair of hookahs, because they are pretty and I wanted to give them to the bride to be for keepsake. The owner of the restaurant even gave free flavored shisha tobaccos. Ahh things were going so smoothly.

Next, we found this wonderful place that rent all sorts of hats. I rented a few hats for the guests who would 'forget' to bring theirs. For the bride, I found a traditional chinese bride hat piece that matches the red apron. Perfect!!!

Finally, the games and entertainment. Music were playing endlessly by the cute DJ throughout the night. And the bachelorette games plus endless flow of drinks, kept the girls entertained. The guests were having a blast and the bride... lets just say the bride to be got really happy that night. Before the guests leave, we gave each of them a bottle of dessert wine with attached message tag of hang over cure on it.


Hi agian~! After for few months of hiatus, I hope all bloggers who have visited enjoyed the previous postings.
I haven't been back as I've been busy with so many things! Pregnancy, piled up work, decorating new apartment, and the slow internet in this country is not very encouraging for me to load up pictures. Plus, I've 'misplaced' the camera my husband bought for me just for my blogging.
Soon I'll be putting up pics from my sister's bridal shower and her very beautiful wedding.


Gown madness

I love love love evening gowns. The fact that wedding dress is worn ONLY once in a lifetime, and that wear once in a lifetime gown would be immortalized in pictures that would be viewed by my kids and grandkids, does put a lot of pressure and stress.

I did say before that I went through sleepless nights because of this, its a bit crazy but true. I had initially wanted an international designer gown, but I realized that in the midst of choosing the gown, I got more stresses because I couldn't find the one and time is running out. In the end I decided to have a friend designer custom design one for me. Stress #1 gone and I'm happy.

Valentino for Pronovias Wedding gown