Tinkerbell Castle Cake & Mickey Mouse Cake

Sketches of the cake
Batter almost overflowed. White Cake flavor
Cling wrap each cake layer
Foiling all the cling-wrapped cake layers before freezing
Defrosted in room temperature and iced in Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Smoothing the Fondant and made last minute design changes
Silly me! Tried to put the yellow tier before the heavy white tier and the white tier nearly drown the yellow tier. Had to scrapped them and put the yellow on top. Thus, the unsightly white tier corners and since the yellow tier fondant's top had been skinned off, I had to add a fake layer and unsuccessfully smooth down the edges.
So far alright for J's cake
I gotta rest after tinkering with the cakes for 1 whole night
Using Wilton's Castle Kit
Some of the fondant balls kept rolling off...

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