Good Gesture III

Another nice Man-yue (1 month) cake. This time the cake comes in a miniature baby crib accompanied with the alphabet sugar blocks and 2 rolled sweets (I suspect as I haven't opened them yet).

I love the idea of the presenting the cake with the wooden box as I can think of ways to re-use the box for my baby (I'm expecting a baby girl too :D). It can contain diapers, baby clothes, or even displayed on my baby's changing table for the baby wash and shampoo.


Good Gesture II

More and more creativity in celebrating "man-yue" (one-month) gifts! Nice packaging definitely score in my book. This cute chest box has so many sweets - a box of pralines, 3 jars of assorted cookies, 2 its-a-boy chocolate lollipops and a bagful of white chocolates.