Natural Parfum in Beautiful Bottles

I love beautiful perfume bottles, I actually judge fragrances by their bottles before purchasing them (of course whiffing the smell is essential too). While reading Inside Wedding Fall07, I came across Ajne.

The fragrances are natural parfum, non-synthetic , plant-distilled essential oils and the prices seem quite reasonable. Just wish I could smell the fragrances of Amour Inifini, Nouvel Amour, and the other many names that invokes romantic thoughts.

One fragrance, Confiance, sounds interesting, its quoted as "The oils of Confiance are known to dispel fear, anger and depression and to inspire courage and confidence"


Images from Ajne


DIY Create a Beautiful Bouquet

I love it when there is DIY tutorials with beautiful step-by-step pictures as I feel that its more inspiring to do it. Here's one from Instyle Magazine Sept issue teaching all the lot of us to have greener fingers.


Think Fuchsia

I was inspired by a dinner I attended in NY. It wasn't any muted colors thats typically seen but bright colors of fuchsia table linen, Bohemian gold rimmed colorful glasses, frosted tea light votives and cymbidium that seemed to blossom from their vases.

It was a pretty table setting and I think its easy to pull off . Here's my version: expensive colored glasses (trying to find a cheaper alternative), orange and fuchsia table linen, long lasting cymbidium (cut flowers can live up to 2 weeks) and fancy gold scaley-rimmed plates.

image from Giving Tree OnlinGracious Style ,Elegance 2003 , and cymbidium in vase from Flowerbud

Boxed Tulips

Sweet vibrant colors! I can almost smell the fragrance. Its said that in US, 10 million stems are bought everyday and 189million are bought just for Valentine's...
I wonder how come my husband only buy me a stalk for 'really' special occasions...

There's quite a number of organic, insecticide-free, and ethically cultivated blossoms sold online. Organicbouquet.com and flwoerbud are just some of them.

Image from Flower Bud


Martha Stewart Pom2s

Pardon me but I'm going to sound a little country bumpkin here
"I saw the Martha Stewart pom2s in Macy's Department store!!!"
Sweet! I only saw this part of the window display (the main door) when I got into the cab, so I hastily snap some pictures.

I always wanted to do this DIY decor ever since I saw it on the website. I always thought its the frilly, feminine and fun. Moreover, the tutorial from Martha Stewart's makes it seem so easy to make.


Confessions of a Bridezilla

Months of preparation were gone in a day. Somehow the day just passed and it seemed I had many out-of-the-body experiences, especially when I was on stage doing mass hand shakes.

I wish I could change certain things of my wedding that took place months ago (in Jan), such as my make-up and hair, dress, wedding cake, decoration and the list goes on.

I was one of the Bridezillas that I was warned about.
I went through so many details that I drove my husband and myself nuts.

I just wish I could have done things simpler; it would have been great if I found the joy of blogging ahead of my wedding instead of after. There are so many inspirational blogs for the discerning brides!

Our morning ceremony was mostly Chinese rituals, with serving tea to our family and receiving red pocket meant to be saved for our future.

The wedding theme was Korean palace with lots of cherry blossoms imported from China and color is gold. The first part of the night reception, all of the girls in the family wore gold then we all changed to Korean costume for the second part of the wedding. I think the part of the Korean procession was most interesting.

Framed Invitation

Placing the invitation card inside the frame is not such a novel idea and always has been popular amongst Indonesian brides to send out their invitations this way.
I personally love to receive framed invitations as I always need more frames.
Frame invitation in hard box from Siem Offset Invitation.

Crystal Bouquet

Wish I could have seen these bouquets earlier :) From Grace Ormonde Wedding magazine Summer07

Laser Cut Invitations

Nab Classic Invitations pride themselves in making best-quality invitations and they deliver what was promised.
They are also pioneer in Indonesia in making laser-cut invitations, making exquisite cutouts on hardboard invitations.

More on Nab Classic designed invitation: (will update again)

Doing It Black & White

Black & White- which one do you like? If you can't make a decision, why not do it together?
From Elegant Bride Magazine Summer 07

Flower Dog

Preston Bailey has a blog but although it has a few postings, it seems very promising to see more of his works. Will continue to check back at his blog!

images from Preston Bailey & Blog

Elum Gift Set

I have been staring at this item for more than 5 minutes, which is not so unusual for I always stare at things that I consider to buy. Very pretty but I have to save it till later when I finish with my own personalized, recycled-paper, note cards.

$150 for 315 pcs from Elum Designs

Bling Favors

I had earlier posted about diamond crusted items on my other blog, but these are more easy on our pockets that I think can make good gift favors for those with crystal themes.
The diamond paperweight is big enough to display eh? Stylish water bottles that will be a keeper from Bling H2O

Image from Posh Betty and Outstanding Occasions


Helen's Bali Wedding

We attended our good friend, Helen's wedding. It was a beautiful seaside reception. The September weather in Bali was great, and the decor was chic in the colors of white and green.

The shell chandeliers were hung high on tent and they chimed against the wind, the flowers fragranced the air, the tiffany chairs were tied with green silk ribbons, even the cupcakes on the cake stand were in green and white shades.

The bride wore a very simple yet beautiful Vera Wang dress with flowers on her hair, she was the most prettiest person that evening.

We were given a hardcover box and were surprised to find a Kate Spade box with the frame inside.