Laser Cut Invitations

Nab Classic Invitations pride themselves in making best-quality invitations and they deliver what was promised.
They are also pioneer in Indonesia in making laser-cut invitations, making exquisite cutouts on hardboard invitations.

More on Nab Classic designed invitation: (will update again)


jennik68 said...

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Nab Classic invitations. I want to use the laser cut invitations for my wedding, but I can't seem to find their website through a search engine. Thanks!!

Luvena said...

They don't have a website but you can try emailing them at nab_classic@yahoo.com
They are an Indonesian printing company but have done international orders. Any questions, please email me :)

Monica said...

FYI, I am located in Miami, FL and have been doing laser cut invitations for friends and family for the past one year or so. Recently, I've decided to turn my hobby into a formal business. If you're interested I may be contacted at: mzaprod@gmail.com (my website is being constructed)

nelson said...

Hi Monica,

Is your website up and running - how can I see your designs?