Confessions of a Bridezilla

Months of preparation were gone in a day. Somehow the day just passed and it seemed I had many out-of-the-body experiences, especially when I was on stage doing mass hand shakes.

I wish I could change certain things of my wedding that took place months ago (in Jan), such as my make-up and hair, dress, wedding cake, decoration and the list goes on.

I was one of the Bridezillas that I was warned about.
I went through so many details that I drove my husband and myself nuts.

I just wish I could have done things simpler; it would have been great if I found the joy of blogging ahead of my wedding instead of after. There are so many inspirational blogs for the discerning brides!

Our morning ceremony was mostly Chinese rituals, with serving tea to our family and receiving red pocket meant to be saved for our future.

The wedding theme was Korean palace with lots of cherry blossoms imported from China and color is gold. The first part of the night reception, all of the girls in the family wore gold then we all changed to Korean costume for the second part of the wedding. I think the part of the Korean procession was most interesting.


Joanna Dyckhoff said...

I just found your blog and I am so thrilled! I love your posts! Thanks for being so inspiring!

claygeek said...

i wish i found this blog earlier... i love your blog so so much!