Martha Stewart Pom2s

Pardon me but I'm going to sound a little country bumpkin here
"I saw the Martha Stewart pom2s in Macy's Department store!!!"
Sweet! I only saw this part of the window display (the main door) when I got into the cab, so I hastily snap some pictures.

I always wanted to do this DIY decor ever since I saw it on the website. I always thought its the frilly, feminine and fun. Moreover, the tutorial from Martha Stewart's makes it seem so easy to make.


Blue Orchid Designs said...

I tried making these for a shower, but I am not much of a DIYer and the results were sad for me (I have pics on my blog). I know others who have made them though and they turn out just as pretty as Martha makes them. Love the shot of them in the window - they look really good there.

lingz said...

Honestly, Im not a DIYer either:) but I will definitely try to be for my sister. I'm going to try my hand on this project soon. Will do a posting soon

Big Shot said...

I'm actually just gonna order the kit. She sells a kit. Martha, that clever clever b*tch.