Pillow Invitation with Headbands for Baby J & I Birthday 2011 Party

I first bought the princess crown headbands for my daughter and my nieces from Pasar Pagi (traditional wholesale market in Jakarta) and decided to go back and buy more to give as invitations so all the little girls can be princesses. Since they sold out of the crowns, I went about to buy few dozens of other cute headbands from  for average $10 for a dozen.
After making few boxes of these, I decided to save paper and make these:
Pillow case envelope! Inspired by Watermark invitation for my bridal shower
One pillow case envelope only uses one A4 paper. I used local bookstore bought Conqueror 250gr fancy paper, drew and cut a prototype. Once I have the prototype done, its easier from there to draw the sides to cut. Using the blunt side of scissors to pressure carve on the curves so that it will be easier and neater to fold. I the double-taped the sides. To finish the envelope, fold in the curves. One done...30 more to go...

 Next to do was printing the invitation. Cut them and used a puncher to punch round corners on the invitation. After that was to put the invitation and headbands in. Ummm... the double tape didn't do much a good job on sticking the sides and the envelope was bursting. I tried to a tape to stick the sides from the exterior then almost decided to overlook the imperfections... then finally, I resorted to staple the gaping envelopes.
Made the name sticker tags with vintage image found under free printables. The envelope looked very plain with just the name sticker so I spruced it up with ribbons. Voila! Invitations done!

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