My Glamorous Bachelorette Party

My sister, threw me the most wonderful and refreshing bachelorette party. I wouldn't say it was a bridal shower, with all the 'poison' they made me drink even though I won some games? C'mon.

She concoted the theme with the inspiration from the jigsaw puzzle she saw in my room, which I had made and framed. The same one I believe she gave me as a brithday gift years ago...

Our family works best when we do things last minute, so my sister organize the crew, consisting my sister-in-laws and bridesmaids to be teamed in pairs and they all have their roles and responsibilities.

They had to do the games, catering, organize the event, invitations, contact and host guests, rent hats, etc.

The crew rented and brought an assortment of hats for the guests. For the bride-to-be, I was honored with the biggest hat, the traditional chinese opera head gear.

To my utter glee, my bridesmaids weren't spared; they had to wear Qing Dynasty-styled ladies
headwear. So they were called my concubines for the night.
We were also given aprons that were embroidered to distinguish the bride, crew members and the plain ones were the guests.
Games- Dress players in toilet-paper to make into costume; Passing the pole; Smell and determine the ingredients in the shot glasses.

As much as I had so much fun, it was also the night I sworn that I would not drink to that drunken state.

Photography - Journey
Puzzle Image source - Tom Du Bois from Amazon


Jojo said...

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Luvena said...

Thank you for the input!