Fascination For Cheong Sam Gowns

While web surfing for inspirations for shower ideas, which one of is Old Shanghai Tang theme, I came across Chinese celebrity Fan Bing Bing wearing not 1 but 2 drool-worthy beautiful gowns. They have the emperor dragon emblem, and both are beaded and embroidered (seen from here).
Be still my heart.
I'm reminded of Roberto Cavalli's Ming-vase gown, which until today I'm still searching for it.

Back to reality zone, there are many cheong sams or qipaos that can be found in Jakarta. Adrian Gan's last year Chinoserie Chic Collection was impressive, and a video on it can be found here. Biyan always produces pretty beaded cheong sam dresses in their stores. Etro FW10 has some cheong sam dresses and tops.

All the cheongsam dresses and gowns need a svelte figure to show off the cut of the silhouette and the intricacies of the embellishments on the dresses, which of course is not for me, for now that is, since I'm still carrying the extra 8kg due to nursing my baby and laziness to work out. However, the Etro Kimono inspired dress on the left is something I can picture myself wearing now, it seems easy on the tummy, cover the arms and easy access for nursing.

Ok back to sourcing inspirations on bridal shower...so easily distracted I am..

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