Bridal Shower Mood Board

Months before I planned for Cousin E's bridal shower, I had asked her what flower she like, and she told me she likes daisy. After looking around for inspiration, and a venue, I came up with these mood board - a simple, non-fussy, elegant luncheon with small games with the bride-to-be.
Just a few days before, while chatting with Cousin E, asking what requests she have, something I should have done before planning or deciding on the theme, because it seems that what she wants is completely different than what I had in mind. She like roses now! Deep red ones...Move over daisy, we changing the theme.

From left clockwise: Daisy necklace from Kate Spade (selling in KS store in Jakarta), Collete's Daisy Cake, Cupcake box from Meri Meri, Bunga Rampai restaurant, and gold-sprayed flowers centerpiece seen on Orange Beautiful.

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