Birthday Party Dessert Table Setting

Setting up the table and using whatever I have to display: cake stands, mixing bowls to elevate plates, pop corn machine (went kaput), music box, photo frame and cupcake cookie jar.
Inviting only family, the dessert menu is small- raspberry peach tart, strwaberry-chocolate cupcakesm chocolate ice cream cake, which was not pretty as it melted but its a great ice cream cake from Rose Levy's Rose Heavenly Cake book. Scroll down for basic Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe.

The top green and pink was just a practice dummy cake (styrofoam base). The rest are: White Peach and Raspberry Tart with Pistachio Frangipane, Mini Devil's Food Cupcakes with vanilla cream, and Strawberry combo Devil's Food Cupcakes were given away as favors.
The pink cupcake boxes are from RM Boxes which I had them shipped from Philippines. I have no problems with local made cupcake boxes but I wanted pretty colors which RM Boxes makes.

White Peach and Raspberry Tart with Pistachio Frangipane can be found here.

A fantastic Devil's Food Cupcake with Cream Filling, a favorite amongst friends who tried, can be found
Strawberry Cupcakes- I wanted to use fresh strawberries for both frosting and cakes and found this recipe here.

I wanted to surprise the little ones with the cupcake flavors, so instead of getting just chocolate, they get strawberry plus vanilla filling. Since the Strawberry cupcakes recipe calls for a longer baking time, it goes on the bottom layer then the Devil's Food recipe. I made the frosting out of scratch using fool proof recipe by own instinct.

Basic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
Working with 1/2 C butter at room temperature, whipped it till a little fluffy, add about 1C sifted icing sugar (it will be easier if you sift big batch of icing sugar and work as you go) till the frosting looks firm, add about 1/4 C whipped cream to soften the frosting, another 1/2C icing sugar, strawberry sauce, about 1 tsp of pasteurized egg white powder, and more icing sugar to have a consistency for piping.

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream
We love ice cream and there's not an affordable ice cream maker to be found in Jakarta. I bought mine in Pantry magic and it is a big investment, which I have to make full use of. The recipe book provided in the Cuisineart Ice Cream maker was not satisfying so I searched one that I like and adopted the recipe with slight changes.
My Ice Cream Recipe:
2C whipping cream, 2C full cream milk, 3 egg yolks, 1/2C sugar, generous drizzle of honey (optional), about 1 tsp or more of vanilla paste

1. Simmer the cream, milk and half of the sugar.
2. In a large bowl, beat the yolks with the rest of the sugar till lighten in color. Slowly pour the hot cream into bowl and whisk it with vanilla. Pour back the cream and egg mix into the pan and warm it in medium heat, till it thickened or coat the back of the spoon. Add honey to taste. Be careful not to boil the custard.
3. Strain the custard into a big bowl and place the bowl in ice bath to cool down the custard. Occasionally whisk the custard about 5min.
4. Churn into ice cream machine accordingly.

For Yogurt Ice Cream, add Greek Yogurt into the custard after cool down from ice bath and before pouring into the ice cream machine.
For Chocolate Bits Ice Cream, drizzle in melted chocolate (melted from double boiler) when the ice cream is almost done.
For Strawberry Bits Ice Cream, chopped the strawberries into small bits, and toss the strawberries in sugar and lemon juice and leave in about 15min to marinate. When the ice cream is almost done, pour in the strawberries in.

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