Baby I 1 Month Package - Man Yue

I started ordering and folding the cupcake and cookie boxes for baby I's Man Yue before his delivery, so I could focus on adjusting to his arrival.
Having budget in mind, I had to carefully plan out costs and also the timing so I could get 60 boxes ready by Baby I's 1 month celebration and sent out to 60 different addresses.
Finally found the pram box last minute and once finalized with the order, I filled with the box with goodies - Chocolate cupcakes with tiger toppers, chocolate chip cookies and Jolly Time popcorn.
2 days before Baby I turn 1 month old and delivering the Man Yue boxes, I started bakingthe cupcakes and cookies. What took most time and effort was the cookies. I only had one cookie sheet and my oven is very small and was only able to bake 1 batch of cookie for 15min.

Tiring but it got fun when cookies were done and I started to package the cookies in the foils and seal it with heat sealant.

The pram boxes were made by Cherchrys Gift.
Cupcake boxes and Cookie boxes from RM Boxes.
Sealer for the cookie wrappers can be bought from Ace Hardware.

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dennis-cynthia said...

hi, i stumbled upon ur blog when i was browsing for fans for wedding souvenir. do u mind letting me know the foils u use in wrapping your cookies..where do you get them? it helps to keep the cookies fresh? thx!!