Baby J Turns 1 !

My little precious is now 1yr old! Her daddy wanted to make a big birthday party to invite friends and family to celebrate her first birthday, while her mommy wants a small intimate birthday at home with close friends and family. So we compromised - 2 parties, one at home during her actual birthday, which falls on weekday and the birthday bash on Saturday.

I was down with cold and fever few days before Baby J's birthday and I tried to be efficient with the time and energy to prep the birthday table. I sketched out layout, planned on what to buy and started piecing things together. Here's the list of items on table :
  • Printed tissue from Index
  • Teddy bear from Baby J's newborn arrival gift hamper
  • Lollipops from Miniapolis hallway (saw similar ones in Kemciks PP cashiers)
  • Small glass cake stands from Sogo that's affordable at $6-$40, used Kate Spade round gift box to boost height
  • Cake stand from Alessandro on sale at $20+
  • Gold frame with Photoshop artwork done by Moi
  • Popcorn maker from Ace Hardware
  • Pink bowl for popcorn bought as a set from Magic Kitchen

Something felt missing out at the back. They have these cute helium balloons in Kemciks and we got the Hello Kitty Princess balloon. Now the table looks quite neat.... Flowers are to be picked up the next day. I had pre-ordered carnation balls, roses, and more Sedap Malam (sweet smelling flowers) from my street flower vendor on Senopati.

Finally the birthday itself! Here's how the table look before our family come and devour the cupcakes. Even Hello Kitty seemed to be quite taken with the cake. She kept looming and close to sniffing the cake with the cute sugar mices on the cake.

Cake + cupcake by Hotel Mulia, as custom made by my sister.

2 days before Baby J's birthday bash on Saturday, there were bombings in Jakarta. I didn't have the mood for birthday party and was about to cancel the whole party, even though I had paid most of the vendors. In the end, after some persuasions, we decided to go on with the party.
We did not expect a large crowd as people and guests would be hesitant to come out, but some close friends came and celebrated Baby J's birthday. Thank you to those who came and enjoyed the party!

More pics from photographer to come in the next posts.

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