AJ Birthday Party

We received AJ's birthday invitation few weeks before the party. Card was made by Watermark (Girl! You certainly make some creative stuff!)
Usually children just received stickers for their names in birthday parties, like Baby J's party, but AJ's has a cute name tag slash game ticket.

This was one of the most impressive birthday parties I have been invited to. Look at that cute 3D elephant behind me and Baby J! When I walked into the hall, I was greeted with colors and stalls for games. Its just incredible. Everything was done neatly down to the lettering of the stalls.

So many goodies from this party! First we were given a zippered bag to pack in goodies, then we took a helium balloon (one for each child), picked out a canvas school bag, took cotton candy (a must take for moi!), popcorn, sadly the candy booth was a no-zone before the birthday song.
The games at the stalls looked fun to play but I was too embarrassed to be the only adult to compete with the tikes and Baby J barely could walk and play.
Looking for the birthday boy whom was overcrowded by the guests outside the hall. They had sung finish the birthday song and had let loose the balloons. It was pretty exciting aside from the blazing heat so we snucked into aircon hall.
We were so beat from our puncak trip, which we just arrived back to Jakarta in the morning before AJ's party, and plus the overwhelming birthday party, we had to leave the party early.

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