Large Oversize Paper Flowers Centerpiece

As much as I love fresh flowers, they don't last long. I often find is a waste after parties, seeing all the dying flowers days later.

I have spotted and saved these pictures for quite some time now. I think its ingenious to use this decoration for its uniqueness and I can use it over again and again. Plus, its quite affordable.

I tried looking where to purchase and found a source at Flora Bunda. If anyone know where else, please let me know:)

image source Bride


Glamour This! by Kelly said...

You've been tagged by me!!!
Visit todays post for details!!! :)

Anonymous said...


you check out http://stjudescreations.netfirms.com
some large flowers at

Anonymous said...

I was looking for big paper flowers to decorate for a spring birthday party... had a hard time finding ones that were big enough to make the dramatic display I wanted. I did find some here: Large paper daisies.
They had a good selection of sizes, colors and even different flowers (e.g. roses, daisies, peonies, etc.). We made centerpieces using magenta, lime green and white daisies -- people loved them! They were really festive.

disa said...

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Sweet Me Off My Feet said...

thanks so much for postin this!!!! i saw this in a mag a few years back and had not been able to find since!!!!!