The excitement

The Proposal
2007 is the markstone of my love life. First, the sweet proposal from my to be husband. He proposed in April 2007 through a red ipod. He knew that I've always wanted the red ipod and he gave it as gift engraved with the proposal behind it. I'm so loving him for it! It was the perfect gift that became the perfect proposal for me.

The Preparation
Ever since that day, I have been flipping through several bridal magazines and surfing sites for inspirations. I am almost to the brink of madness in search for the gown, there are so many beautiful gowns that made me go sleepless at nights. I am fearing for the bridezillia syndrome. Fortunately for me, I have lots of women in my family who have gone through the stages of wedding preparation. All of them share a piece of their experiences and advises with me. One of them would be my sister, Lingz, who got married 6 months ago. She is the person whom I would credit for the existence of this blog. She and I would be sharing on this blog, the details of our journey for the perfect wedding.

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