Inspirational Barbie Brides' Gowns

Elegant Barbie - Full lace gown, pleated bodice top and cathedral veil
Majestic Barbie - Ornate embroidered lace top, full ball gown with tiered and buttoned bustle details
Feminine Barbie - Lace bodice, silk sash with crystals and full tulle skirt

images from dialingfordolls.com , pattandbilly.com, fao.com

I always find Barbie to be fascinating especially collectors' and designers' Barbie. I think they make good collectors' items but only if you have a place to display them. Sad to say, our old Barbie collectors' are still in their boxes collecting dust...they hardly see daylight.

But these Barbie brides are so glamorous! I would really love to have them in my dust-collector cabinet! Daylight or no daylight, they will be gazed adoringly by me and some others who chance on them in my cabinet.

My favorite bride is Carolina Herrera, favorite designer and the Barbie looks positively sleek and elegant.

Which designer Barbie Bride do you like?


Sherlia said...
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Sherlia said...

These Barbie brides are glamorous and inspirational indeed. Monique Lhuillier’s will be my choice. I just love the sash and would love it more if it was in champagne. After reading so many magazines and exploring the internet, I realize I still find myself falling in love with the dress I had in mind, even before marriage was in the cards.

“A strapless A-line gown with all over beaded Alecon lace accented with a champagne satin sash on natural waist and a chapel train.”

When deciding on the wedding gown, I think it is important to keep your personal style in mind. Many times, we want to have the latest vogue of the moment but realize the wedding pictures will look old fashioned in several years.

I couldn’t count how many times I wanted to get myself a pair of leggings and tried on dresses with colorful patterns and finally bought some which just ends up coloring my wardrobe. I just can’t bring myself to wear them; it’s simply not “me”. Every girl must have bought something out of impulse. The wedding gown is one she shouldn’t afford to do so. You want to wear a gown that portrays who you are - your personality.

Just my two cents.

lingz said...

Hi Sherlia,

True to what you say. I try my best to avoid whats in trend. I don't believe there's trends on wedding gowns?
I had my wedding gown customized but I would suggest all the girls should go to your fave wedding store and try on the dresses there. Whatever silhouettes that make you the most comfortable and confident is the 'one'.