Preparing For the Baby Announcement Picnic Basket

For Joie's one month baby annoucement hamper, or widely known as Manyue/ Manye, we wanted to give something special and useful for the receiver to keep and use them. My friend Yulni gave a lot of suggestions and I decided on picnic basket. I had a lot of fun looking for things to fill the basket with good quality items and also they had to fit into my budget.
Picnic Basket ordered from Madewithlovelyby Pepperbliss

Colorful frosted mugs from Kandadinda Souvenir and custom print from freebie image from Weddingchicks
Smiley wooden spoons from Aliexpress seller
Gold rimmed 6" ceramic plates from Senin Indah

Japanese inspired honey citron cookies made by Surely+Someday and added Kinder chocolate eggs
Assembled into the box
Fitting into the straps and pockets

Tagging the baskets with free printables from Smitten Blog Designs. Thank you for the lovely freebies!!

Ready to be delivered

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