Candy Cake

Sisters effort! My sis found a picture for this candy cake and we tried to make one for her daughter.
I made the square base with the fool proof white chocolate cake recipe and attached a dummy for the top tier.
Sis made those lollies, candy canes and chocolate bar. She considered to stick Kit Kat bars but I told her it would be difficult to stick to the cake.
We took hours by the table to make the balls, yes hours to make those big balls to cover and give the cutesy effect.

Whew! Remember in my previous blog, I made the woodland cake for Grace... I thought I semi-retire myself from making more than 2hrs cake. Right. After this cake, I told my sister that we should bake and decorate our childrens cakes. It was intense, fun, tiring and satisfying. The kids came by to check on the cakes and they love how their mommies are working on fun cakes.

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