Woodland Birthday Cake

Source of Inspiration - Andrea Sweet Cake
 I made some sketches of some woodland animals and tried to make my first fondant 3d characters from scratch. It would be easier if I purchase books on how to make 3d fondant characters step by step... All I can say after this cake is that - I will be on a long hiatus to make characters

 The base was my sister's favorite Rose Levy's Grand Marnier Chocolate Chip Cake. I will probably find time some day to post the recipe up. Frosted it with chocolate ganache, then fondant the cake.
 The tree trunk needed a extra layer of cake and each layer was frosted with vanilla buttercream.Since I don't have brown fondant, I made chocolate from scratch with marshmallow and cocoa, which was surprisingly not very difficult as I expect it to be. Using toothpick and fondant veiner tools, I tried my best to give textures to make the trunk look somewhat real.

Use buttercream to pipe the vines and leaves
The birthday girl and her woodland friends
More friends. Making the wordings was another challenge.

The cake
 Grace, my darling niece, I hope when you are old enough for your mommy to let you use the internet browser, and that you come by to read Auntie's blog, you can feel my love for you. Hugs and kisses from Auntie!

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