My First Tiered Cake for Cally - 2010

I know this is backdated a bit. Found some pictures and thought if I don't document these, I won't remember them. Going through my external hard drive brings back some good memories. I realize I haven't blog in 2011, and my last cake project in 2011 was for Grace woodland birthday cake, which then I was off on baking hiatus. And my pregnancy with #3 and growing my company came to prioritize above my baking hobby.

This was my first tiered cake using real sponge cakes and not cake dummies.

 Frosted both cakes and chilled them before placing the fondant. I found that using plastic gloves is so much more neater than using the cake smoother or greased hands. I had more control, no sweaty palms, and need I to mention- more hygienic? Next I inserted cake dowels to hold the weight if the top tier.
Using cake spatula to place the top tier on. Cover the imperfections with fondant pearls and ribbon

Use piping nozzles to make the circles. Paint glitter on the name

The cake sweated a while after out from the fridge into room temperature but it stabilizes after a while.

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