Chloe's Birthday Cake

Making Chloe's, my very good friend's child's birthday cake was fun for me, even if it was time consuming, I love how everything turn out to be. I tried to draft out how I wanted the cake to be but I just went with the flow and decorate with whatever I had in my cabinets.

Used alphabet cookie cutter for Chloe's name on fondant, painted them with petal dust and glitter. Added fondant daisies (bought China made daisy cutter; fondant cutters and decoration tools can be really steep investments) and glued crystals (again its China made crystals - less than $5 for 144pcs) leftover from Baby J's manyue cake. I really like the effect of little daisies on the alphabet.
The daisies on the cake were first glued using edible glue but after being exasperatingly gluing them, I resorted to use UHU. The hot pink large ribbon was used to cover imperfections of the fondant base and I added more crystals and glued them using double tape.

Oh, I forgot to mention- the fondant cake base is styrofoam so no kids or anyone is eating the cake.
Happy Birthday candles were bought from Daisho.
The fondant butterflies are time consuming- dry the cut out butterflies, paint the colors and coat/line the edges with gold dust, then finalize it by putting each butterfly above hot water steam so the colors set and doesn't stain the cupcakes.
Devil's Food Cupcakes and flower petal icing technique learnt from YouTube's goodtoknowcouk. Americolor food gel coloring purchased from Singapore's Bake It Yourself store.

Purchased white cupcake boxes from Loyang or you can try Arkenzy Box.

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