Jakarta Wedding Info

A fellow blogger had requested for information for wedding costs. Honestly, I have been out of the wedding loop :) Although I still enjoy flipping through magazines and picking up inspirations here and there, they are mostly for children and for work.

There are many good wedding channels to find out more and there are wedding fairs that can be super helpful such as 'Glamorous Wedding of All Time' in JCC on July 24-26th, and Bazaar 'Opulent' Wedding Bazaar July 25-26th.
We all love to have a memorable wedding, with pretty decor and great photography, but whats the costs behind all the glamour? Well, as fas as I know, 3 years ago, you can get a beautiful and glamorous wedding decor in a 5 star hotel for about 300j (inclusive of flowers and stage, exclusive of hotel rent). Some good decorators are Soeryanto (SYU) and Amarilis. All good decorators can work with their clients' budget and come up with wonderful, fresh ideas.

As for wedding cake, theres many vendors but I worked with Pasadena and so far, I have not been disappointed by them. Cherry Red is also good.

Hope these info are useful. If you like other recommendations, please let me know.

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