Inacraft - Gift Favors Part 2

As I felt that I haven't fully explored Inacraft, I made another trip on Friday morning and I was glad I made the effort! The traffic for weekend to Inacraft was just horrendous...so many cars that they caused major traffic jam. Here's some more exhibitors worth mentioning:
Iluvitz - Makes multi-purpose portable table for laptops, book and food tray; very useful gift favor for older children. Showroom : 021-83796601, Jln Tebet Timur Dalam II No. 3b, Jakarta Selatan.
Guru - Sells a large variety of educational wooden toys. 021-78839430 and has a site here.
Char & Coll - Makes unique personalized gift favors for all ages. I like the personalized make-up bags and canvas bags (good for bridal showers)
Honey Bear - Wholesales cute girl accessories, a tiara hairband costs about Rp17.500/pc. 081615433888 (Evi) Surabaya.

Inet Toys - A huge range of wooden toys and retails in ITC Permata Hijau. Has a site here.

Funny Cookies - They can also do cookie painting for children party activities.081311104004 (Asti)
Cyber Art Studio - They have many activities for children parties such as sand art, t-shirt painting, face painting, and etc. 021-70505687, also has a site here.
Sweet Cotton - The company pack the towels as rolled cakes and cupcakes.08161113435 (Aileen), also has a site here.
Forshka - They make cute Matryoshka dolls.081382909355 (Ratna), also has a site here.
Rakita -Produce and sell in discounted prices for customized embroidered towels, clothing, and blankets. 021-68888333, store in Jln Cilandak V/5 Jakarta Selatan.

Make biscuits without preservatives and export to Malaysia and Singapore. What's unique is their range of packaging and jars. There's a miniature metal Javanese house that becomes a cookie container by opening the roof. Cool. Has a site here.

Also, for those brides-to-be, mommies and others who wants packaging contact, here's another company you can try. 08161976044 (Irene) and has a site here

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