Hosting Lunch Ideas

I like to host a luncheon for friends, those whom I haven't seen for months, ever since I put myself on a social hiatus. A lunch with good company and food (booze will enliven atmosphere) ... at a economic sense, meaning small costs on decor.
Here's some recycled inspirations:Romantic Pink
My peony stamps can be reused for invitation, pink roses for table, those yummy butter cream cupcakes from Cupcake&Co., initial stamps/ DIY peony flower pens as favors.

Recycling those poms2 from baby shower (considering it will different lot of guests) for table setting, scented candles for extra decor touches, daisy pens for favors and also for decor, stamped table name runners. Invitation? SMS.

Chic Orchid
Hanging small flower balls in my artificial tree (I got to remove those christmas decor first!), sticking butterflies on paper lanterns, artificial orchid flower on invitations, and potted orchid with paper butterflies as centerpiece and favors.