Displaying Cupcakes

How do you like your cupcakes displayed? On tiered cake stand or in teacups?
Many times when I put out cupcakes or muffins during events, I realize ladies tend to stay away from chowing down the cupcakes for worry of being a mess.
Me, when coming to cupcakes, I spare no decorum. I eat as I go when I'm hungry or when I crave, and check with any available mirror (or anything that reflect) on crumbs or leftover butter.

Serving cupcakes in teacups can be pretty and I can get to show off my cups from wedding gifts. Handing a guest the cupcake also can be more convenient for the guest and she can eat pretty with the teaspoon. I would hate to see, but quite understand, when ladies spoon away the buttercream. I mean thats the goodness of cupcakes... if you want healthy, get a muffin.

Cupcakes from Chocolate Amore (shown above left) uses fresh and quality ingredients.
Tried and tasted :)

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Anonymous said...

Where can I buy that BEAUTIFUL cupcake stand?!