Bridal Shower - Event

I had planned quite some time to throw my sister, W, a bridal shower and had went through ideas with my sister-in-law, S. We came up with a tea party event as there would be many married ladies who are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. S suggested Breakfast at Tiffany's theme at tea time.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s? A common bridal shower theme. Yawn. Tea time? Stuffy. To make things more interesting and yet elegant at the same time, we came up with some games that even all the conservative ladies would participate and have fun.

Again, we teamed up with the old 'crew members' (missing Lina in the picture) from my own last year's bridal shower thrown by W. Instead of assigning them for designated roles, we went through details of games, food, etc.
Theme: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Dress code: Black with touch of gold

Invitation: Bad execution of printing (my bad) so we texted friends to come.

No. of guests: 15

Location: Hotel Mulia suite room

Photography: Journey

Games: Scrapbook contest, 10 things about the bride& groom, popping balloon contest, and cake making contest

Favors: Assorted brooch from Jewelry designer Elizabeth Wahyu

Once guests arrive, they took picture with the W and asked to write well-wishing/ 'secret' notes for her and slip the notes into the envelope provided for each page.

We then invited them to start on the first activity - scrapbooking. We had thought that scrapbook would be quite boring and guests would not be bothered. Quite the contrary, guests took particularly a long time to finish their pages that other games were delayed.

During our light lunch, we handed out a list of 10 Things About The Groom and guests filled it out. Nobody had perfect score.

After the light starter of the first game, we proceed to balloon popping- guests were given straws cut slantwise to pop two balloons that were tied to the back of their partners. Their partners had to move a lot to avoid getting their balloons popped.

The last game we played was cake making. S came up with the scrapbook and cake making, being inspired from attending children’s birthdays and apparently, our grown-up friends love to show their part of creativity.

We supplied mini oreos, m&ms, sprinkles, sweets, whipped cream and cut chocolate sponge cake. Guests enjoyed so much of this game that it turned out very funny to see how they came about their creations. They were taking apart fruits from the desert corner to decorate.

When it comes to the judge, W herself, she chose the simplest and most appealing.

All winners receive Kate Spade goodies.

The shower turned out very well and although we were very happy to see the guests enjoying themselves, we had to pack-up as we requested the suite room for half-day. It was late afternoon already, S and I were in our early pregnancy and we felt the tiredness, we had to end it. We tried to close the event with opening gifts and give our guests the favors.


Christine said...

Bridal shower looks so amazing... Are you an event planner? I really want to be one and your post inspired me in many ways!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!

P.S. I love this... said...

Looked like a great time had been had! I loved all the details, the games and the gifts. You did a wonderful time.

P.S. I love this... said...

time=job.. sorry. = )