Peony Stamp

After a long search of the peony stamp last year, I finally went ahead and made the stamp locally in Office2000 (stationery and office supplies store).

Actually, I think any places that accept to make customized stamps will do and I had made mine for $5 for 8cm peony image.

Susan, aka Mrs Ladybug, was kind enough to reply to my request of where she had made her stamp. US readers, please visit Stampworx 2000.

Image source Stampworx 2000


Joy said...

what was the process for having this stamp made? What image did you give the stamp maker??? I have searched the internet high and low for a stamp like this!!! I need it for my wedding invites....

Luvena said...

Hi Joy,

I had put the link to the original design to http://www.stampworx2000.biz/

Good luck!