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nita said...

hi.whilst browsing thru a website, i came across your blog..and i love it!!you managed to put up a very informative ideas..
Actually i'm looking for an inspiration for my brother's wedding this coming march..the theme is white garden/beach wedding. i bought the same bridal mag and was thinking of doing something similar. i'm thinking of something less formal nevertheless glamourous enough!!:)would you mind sharing some ideas?or maybe you could give a reference or s'thing.

Luvena said...

Hello Nita,

I haven't been updating the blog since I'm back in Jakarta and pre-occupied with work and I assume the magazine you mention is the Indonesian Great Wedding Ideas. If you can get a hold on the other wedding mags such as Bazaar and Dewi's, they have great decors too.

What kind of ideas do you like? I have attended few friends wedding in Bali and they are all very beautiful. Shell chandeliers are beautiful and they chime when the wind blows. Another friend welcomed us with great gift in our rooms- a rattan bag with sandal, suncare lotion set and sarong. It makes an impression for guests when they first arrive at the destination and the guests will look similar. Another friend gave the young ones (teenagers and up) sunglasses, bracelets and sarong for their after party.

As for beach decor, if you are making DIY, I love the idea of laterns, whether they are hung and stuck to the ground, they make beautiful atmosphere.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks for enjoying the blog :)

nay-k said...

This beach wedding pictures look amazing!

You have such a lovely blog! ;-)