Wedding Theme - Ming Princess

Color combination: blue & white

First, I was transfixed by the invitation card, then I remembered there's this gorgeous gown from Roberto Cavalli, another favorite designer. Oh! How I ogled at the statement, collectors item but yet an impossible dress (but worn on Victoria Beckham). A Chinese-theme party would be perfect for this dress.

1. Dress: Dragon Ming vase inspired dress by Roberto Cavalli Fall05 from style.com
2. Veil: Birdcage veil from Unveiled Bridal Designs
3. Cake: Blue cake with white sugar flowers from Jacques Pastries
4. Jewelry: Sapphire and diamond earrings
5. Invitation: Chinese ceramic inspired design invitation by Ceci In New York
6. Favors: Snuff bottle by Look Sea Enterprise from Alibaba


jenwindy said...

I'm in love with that dress.

Anonymous said...


by accident I found your site. I was looking for the dress from Roberto Cavalli, the ming vase. I am getting maried this year and I am in love with this dress, especially this fabric, the colors. There is only one problem. I live in Holland and I can't find a fabric that looks a little bit like the fabric of this dress. Does anybody have any idea were to find a fabric that looks (a little bit) like this dress. I am getting a little bit desperate if I can find it.


Heleen Gerver