A Chinese Wedding

Pictures from Indonesian Bridal magazines - The Wedding and Bazaar Wedding Ideas Indonesia.
The beautiful cheongsam dresses are by Biyan.

There's tutorial included in The Wedding magazine on Tea Ceremony - Te Pai, which I thought is quite useful for some of us who doesn't know the basics...


Lik Fun said...

Hi! Can you please tell me where I can purchase this magazine? I love the photos, especially the cheongsam and the headdress. My email is likfunchan@gmail.com. Thanks!

lingz said...

Hi Lik Fun,

The magazine, Bazaar Wedding is only sold in Indonesia.
The cheongsam is made by local designer, Biyan. The headdress I believe is a prop made by Rinaldy.

t t said...

I love this cheongsam by Sebastian Gunawan! I searched online and realized his designs are only sold in Indonesia? Do you know of any way someone from the US could buy one of his dresses like this one? Many thanks in advance!