Wedding Theme - Grecian

Color combination: ivory and gold

1. Dress: gathered bodice, beaded straps by Eugenia Couture
2. Hair: Olympia tiara by Kelly Spence
3. Favors: Blood Orange Olive oil 50ml $6 by Round Pond
4. Invitations: give framed invitations to guests so they can keep the frame too
5. Bouquet : 016 Mayumi Minata
6. Brooch : Crystal wings can be draped over the shoulder straps
7. Cake: Gold leaf icing by Maisie Fantasie
8. Bridesmaid : Maggy London $158 from shop.nordstorm.com
9. Shoes: Gold sun sandals by Michael Kors $102.99 from vivre.com

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Mrs. Spangelo said...

beautiful article. this is so hopeful plannning my vow renewal.