Wedding Theme - Conscious Bride

Color combination: Green

Conscious bride is the bride who cares about the society. She prefers all things organic and recycled. Most likely, she would ask her guests not to give any wedding gifts but instead, donate to her preferred charity organization.
Nonetheless, thanks to modern society, there are many greener choices for the conscious bride to make.

1. Dress: Vera Wang Item #2217 from preownedweddingdress.com
2. Bouquet: Home-grown Lily of the Valley from portovert.com
3. Invitations: Recycled paper, box and tied with organic tea bags from shindiginvites.com
4. Jewelry: Conflict-free diamond ring made with renewed platinum or gold from Brilliant Earth
5. Favors: Recycled Notebook approx. $10 from Fair trading Watabaran. (visit website to read more)
6. Cake: Green base cake from vegan specialist and using organic ingredients- Piece of Cake.

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